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Fanfic dump for life signs!

Okay, this is what's been updated...

The Snake and the Moon 5 (Previous chapters: 1234)

One Night is now 2/3rd done.


Hello people! I'm not new to this community but have failed to post anything up… Only today I decided to try posting my fanfiction here and to other Soul Eater’s communities.
Since I write all my stories in my mother language, - I’m Italian – and I began to translate them recently, I’m here with two fic only as an offering for you. They’re both SteinMedusa centric, because this pairing really needs more love and I’m obsessed with them
If I missed something or if I made some mistakes, please let me know.
Enjoy! (Constructive criticism's always appreciated :) )

Title: Filling the emptiness
Rating: K+
Characters: Stein, Medusa
Warnings: Spoiler for episode 41
Summary: There was silence in his soul. There was emptiness in his memory. He’d chosen.
AN: This is my first English Soul Eater fanfic attempt, pretty short, very synthetic. Episode 41 made me dream about these two… Why, Bones, why? *sighs*

Title: The memory of trees
Rating: M
Characters: Stein, Medusa
Warnings: Spoiler for episodes 28 and 60... and, well, a little bit of smut.
Summary: She’s earth, but he’s stone, and he can’t be broken.
AN: I wanted to write something for this pairing and this idea came to mind when I found some news about the mythological character of Medusa. At the beginning she was, probably, a divinity connected with earth, like a sort of Gaia. And when I thought that Stein means “stone” in German language…

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Posting fanart

Kinda Stein/SpiritCollapse )

If you wanna see more SE stuff, here's my gallery: http://pokeshipper.deviantart.com/


I bring fanfic...

...Because nobody's posted here in over a month...I'm coming bearing a fic dump. Two are from the same continuity but (using the magic of limited knowledge) do not spoil each other. (Another chapter of One Night is forthcoming, to be posted this week if it cooperates.)

Another Night, 1. Rainy Night -- sequel/companion piece to the unfinished One Night (Really, I do intend to finish it, alright?) from Spirit's PoV. 1: On a rainy night, they met.

The Snake and the Moon -- companion piece to One Night & Another Night, from Medusa's PoV. Some things are to be explained later, and is expected to contain lemon later, and yes, Medusa/Stein pairing.
1. On high school, candy striping, and unexpected meetings in the ER.
2. On stalking a certain white-haired teenager.
3. On a certain witch's dating history and double dates.
4. On witch society, the cliques of Death City's normal high school, and the queen bees in particular.

And for something different: Pounce, which is from Stein's PoV, about Medusa, surprise sex he hadn't known he wanted, and love (which it isn't).


Stein Friends Only Banner?

Hello.~ I was wondering if anyone has happened to make any Stein-centric Friends Only banners? I'd really love one for my journal.

On the off chance that someone would like to make one for me (pretty please, pretty please?), I'm rather partial to this manga image of him:

Thank you!

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On Writing Stein - Wisdom From Others

This post was originally made to help clear my head about how to write Stein. I realized that I've gotten several great insights into his character from others, so I thought I'd compile them. Some are taken from comments, some from fics, and are in addition to my own ramblings here. This will be edited as more come up.

Quotations/References here

Edit (4/09/09): New section added for discussion about the screw.

If you are one of the users quoted above, and do not wish to be, please let me know; I'll remove it.


3 Drabbles

I totally forgot about this community when I was posting these. Sorry! Anywho, I turned an art meme from DA into a writing one, and Stein ended up the focus for 3 out of the 5 drabbles which resulted.

It's Been a Long Time
Characters/Pairings: Stein, Spirit
Warning: none
Summary: "Tell us your favorite character. Draw him or her doing something you love to see."
Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater

Characters/Pairings: Stein, Marie
Warning: brief mention of gore
Summary: "Nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Draw your favorite character 'having an accident.'"

Something to Watch
Characters/Pairings: Medusa/Stein
Warning: none
Summary: "There seems to be a lot of behind-the-scenes romance in SE. Draw your favorite couple for us."

Gratuitous random Stein!

I sketched this the night before last and finished it up yesterday!

Click to go to my DA, where the image can be embiggened and whatnot! 8D

(Sorry if you get this a few times. I'm posting things everywhere today!)

It's here!

..."It" being Fatal Curiosity III!

And 'here' meaning under this cut!Collapse )

Only two more images to go and the series will be complete...